Keystone Bosses

Bosses are difficult late-game fights that are meant to be tackled as a group. Expect to need extensive preparation, good armor, good weapons, along with golden apples and potions if you want to succeed!
If you are victorious, you have a chance at receiving powerful Legendary Items.

Current Bosses:
      • Bad Apple
      • Evil Chicken
      • Slime King
      • Fast Pantaloons
      • Gravekeeper
      • Heat Miser
      • Spider Queen
      • Bomb Voyage
      • Shia Labeouf

Getting Started

To fight a boss, you first need a Keystone for the boss. You can purchase these at The Keymaker at Spawn for certain items and a small amount of money.

Afterwards, Right Clicking on The Gatekeeper with your new keystone will open a menu that lets you customize the arena. Once the arena is created, you and other players may enter. To start the arena, break the Gold Block that spawns inside - but be warned, once started, no more players may enter!

Arena Options

  • Practice Mode
    This mode lets you practice a boss fight without using your own consumables. You will be given a Supply Cache from which you can withdraw free supplies, such as golden apples and healing potions. These supplies do not persist outside of the boss fight, and you will not receive any rewards for completing a boss fight in practice mode. The keystone will still be consumed as usual if you start the fight in practice mode.
  • Item Sync
    This option determines whether or not your gear will be synced. Gear that is synced will be leveled down to a certain tier if it is over that tier. For instance, if an arena is synced to Iron tier and your gear is enchanted diamond, your gear will be temporarily reduced in stats to match Iron gear. Starting an arena in Unsynced mode, meaning your gear is not leveled down, will significantly reduce your rewards.
  • Arena Modifiers
    These options can be toggled on or off to optionally make the fight easier or more difficult. Increasing the fight difficulty will multiplicatively increase the rewards received, and increase the chance at a unique drop, which varies based on the boss.
Modifer Difficulty Loot Bonus Description
Square Up +30 +30% Boss HP is increased by 50%
Last Huzzah +40 +40% Boss gains a last 'final stand' phase
Animal Control +20 +20% Pets are not allowed in the arena
Trigger Happy +40 +40% Boss uses abilities 20% faster
One Shot +10 +10% Totems of Undying no longer work
I in Team +30 +30% Teammates can no longer be revived
Don't Hurt Me! -150 -60% Boss deals 20% less damage
Destroy Me +30 +30% Boss deals 20% more damage
Ultra Hardcore +40 +40% -100% natural regen, Resistance is disabled
Three's Company +10 +10% Maximum player limit is 3

Boss Tiers

You may notice each boss has a certain Skull Indicator - this indicates the intended difficulty of the boss in question, and determines the Item Sync tier.

Skull Indicator Item Sync Description
0 x 💀 Iron This tier is meant to be fought in a team of players with enchanted iron equipment.
1 x 💀 Diamond This tier is meant to be fought in a team of players with enchanted diamond equipment.
2 x 💀 Tier 0 This tier is meant to be a challenge for a team of players with enchanted diamond equipment, or in a team of players with Tier 0 Shadow Realm equipment.
3 x 💀 Tier 1 This tier is meant to be fought in a team of players with Tier 1 Shadow Realm equipment.
4 x 💀 Tier 2 This tier is meant to be fought in a team of players with Tier 2 Shadow Realm equipment.
5 x 💀 Tier 3 This tier is meant to be fought in a team of players with Tier 3 Shadow Realm equipment.