Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon fight isn't Vanilla!
In this server, you'll find the fight reimagined to what the epic finale of a Minecraft multiplayer adventure deserves - an epic, repeatable Raid! Having personally killed the Ender Dragon is required to enter the actual End. Just it having been killed does not grant everyone access to the End!

To encourage those who have already killed it to help others defeat the dragon, the fight itself drops decent loot, including a strong loot chest luck booster, and a high chance at a Codex of Shadows.

Notes/tips about the fight:

  • There are 3 phases, the last of which is split into 4 sub-phases
  • Minecraft is a game about building - use this to your advantage, since you can modify the terrain!
  • You will need multiple people to succeed
  • Don't expect to kill it your first try


  • Can I use Beds?
    • No - the dragon is immune to all non-player damage
  • Someone else has killed the dragon, can I go to the End now?
    • No - you need to have participated in a dragon kill to access the End
  • Can I refight the dragon?
    • Yes
  • Can you get multiple dragon eggs?
    • Yes - an egg is dropped for each fight, allowing infinite dragon eggs
  • I can't solo the fight!
    • Works as intended

  • Empty bottles
  • Enchanted Diamond or Netherite armor
  • Sharpness V sword and/or axe, and a Power V bow
  • Strength and speed potions
  • Splash Healing potions and/or Flasks of Healing
  • Golden apples
  • High saturation food, like steak or golden carrots
  • Phoenix Downs, for reviving teammates
  • Some form of crowd control, like Sweeping Edge, Splash Harming potions, TNT, or a Trident of the Seas

Practice Mode

If you just want to get a feel for the fight, the Ender Dragon fight (and its Hard version) can both be started in Practice Mode, which lets you keep the Supply Cache and any supplies you withdrew from it for free resources for use during the fight. While in Practice Mode, no rewards are obtained, and killing the dragon does not count towards unlocking the End.

Getting Started

To enter a dragon fight, simply hop into any End Portal to open the instance selection screen.

After defeating the Ender Dragon, a loot chest will drop, from which players can claim their rewards.

Defeating the Ender Dragon with at least one player who has not yet cleared the fight will award all players with 7,500 Enchanting EXP. Additionally, all players who had already cleared the fight will receive an Elytra Allowance, letting them take another Elytra from The End, bypassing the normal 12-hour cooldown on getting elytras from end ships.

Special Drops

All drops in this table will be rolled. This means a Dragon Scale Talisman is guaranteed, while Codex of Shadows will roll twice, the first time with 40% chance, and the second time with 10% chance. These drops are randomly distributed, weighted towards players who dealt more damage.

Icon Item Description Chance
Dragon Scale Talisman Legendary Artefact
Fashioned from the carefully-polished scale of an ancient dragon, this charm emits a glittering aquamarine warmth from within.

+ Explorer [+(2.0%, 8.0%) Loot Chest luck]
[Not Augmentable / 0 Gem Slots]
Becomes Soulbound upon revealing stats

Codex of Shadows Contains a single Augment. 40%
Codex of Shadows Contains a single Augment. 10%

Junk Table

Each participant in the fight will receive 8 items from this table.

Icon Item Amount Chance
End Stone 4 - 16 11.11%
Dragon's Breath 4 - 16 11.11%
Iron Arrow 3 - 16 22.22%
Beetroot Seeds 3 - 8 11.11%
Gold Nugget 4 - 16 22.22%
Ender Pearl 2 - 6 22.22%

Main Table

9 total items will be dropped from this table, randomly distributed to players based on the square root of their damage dealt.
This means the players who deal more damage will have a higher chance at getting loot.

Icon Item Amount Chance
Mushroom Potato 16 - 24 7.14%
Chili Potato 12 - 20 5.36%
Iron Ingot 20 - 50 7.14%
Block Of Iron 5 - 12 5.36%
Gold Ingot 20 - 50 10.71%
Block Of Gold 3 - 7 7.14%
Diamond 10 - 25 5.36%
Emerald 20 - 50 7.14%
Block Of Emerald 5 - 12 5.36%
Greater Phoenix Down 2 - 5 5.36%
Golden Arrow 48 - 64 1.79%
Amethyst Arrow 48 - 64 1.79%
Diamond Arrow 32 - 48 1.79%
Netherite Arrow 6 - 12 1.79%
Gem Box 1 3.57%
Netherite Ingot 1 1.79%
Enchanted Diamond Helmet
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 0.89%
Enchanted Diamond Chestplate
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 0.89%
Enchanted Diamond Leggings
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 0.89%
Enchanted Diamond Boots
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 0.89%
Enchanted Diamond Sword
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 1.79%
Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 1.79%
Enchanted Diamond Axe
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 1.79%
Enchanted Diamond Shovel
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 0.89%
Enchanted Book
(Enchant Lvl 30-39)
1 8.93%
Elytra 1 2.68%