Player Cities

Player cities are recommended building spots for your personal abode, and are easily accessible from Spawn through the Teleporter NPC. Each city has a miniature Lodestone at its center, atop a pillar of bedrock. This Lodestone offers instantaneous teleporation from it to Spawn, and to other cities. You can also use this Lodestone to set your home city, which allows you to teleport to it with the /city or /chome commands.

Cities are marked with flags on the Live Map.

There are currently four pre-allocated cities:

  • Golden Coast
    • Located: North
    • Biome: Savanna
    • Description: A large savanna bordering a large warm ocean, with Badlands further to the north.
  • Rosehill Junction
    • Located: East
    • Biome: Plains
    • Description: A green swath of plains and forest, with a Village within render distance. Further east is a decent sized ocean, with some Badlands to the far northeast.
  • Sunbream Isle
    • Located: South
    • Biome: Forest
    • Description: A chain of sandy beachy islands jutting out into a vast ocean. On the shore is a large Taiga, with Roofed Forests nearby.
  • Windheim
    • Located: West
    • Biome: Plains
    • Description: A very large area of Plains, with a Village very close by.

City Buffs - spending some resources will give all city members temporary buffs
Player-made Cities - gather enough friends and enough buildings, and you'll have your very own City on the map - complete with your own mini-Lodestone