Perfect Gems

No, not like Hypixel - I finished making my version in May of 2018, over a year before Hypixel Skyblock released (June 2019), so if anything they copied me! ;)

Perfect Gems are your stereotypical socket gems that can be attached to tools, weapons, and armor to grant special effects. Gems are found uncommonly in Nether Fortress, Bastion, Sunken Ship Treasure, and Buried Treasure Loot Chests (except for Hearts of Ice, which are found in Igloo chests), and may be upgraded by combining 4 gems together, up to a maximum level of 5.
Working with Perfect Gems requires a Magic Chisel, which can be crafted.

Icon Name Effects
On Weapons: Pilfering
0.6% (+0.3%) chance to find a Treasure Chest upon killing mobs in the open world, which contains loot chest loot. Chance scales with mob difficulty. Chest quality is affected by gem tier.

On Tools: Superheat
10% chance per tier to automatically smelt harvested items. Does not grant Smithing EXP.

On Armor: +4% natural regen per lvl

On Weapons: Piercing Beam
3% (+2%) chance for 14% (+3%) armor pierce.

On Tools: Reflection
15% (+6.7%) chance to gain extra enchanting EXP from harvested blocks. The EXP amount depends on the block.

On Armor: +1.5% atk damage, +1.5% speed per lvl

On Weapons: Infestation
3% (+2%) chance to poison mobs within 3.0 (+0.3) blocks of your target for a total of 12% (+8%) weapon damage over 8 seconds, and increasing their damage taken by 4 (+2)%.

On Tools: Auspicion
0.2% (+0.1%) chance to find a Treasure Chest when harvesting appropriate blocks, which contains loot chest loot. Chance scales with block rarity. Chest quality is affected by the gem tier.

On Armor: +0.5 max health, +1.5% speed per lvl

On Weapons: Lucky Lightning
3% (+2%) chance to inflict 20% (+10%) bonus damage.

On Tools: Lucky Break
4% (+1.5%) chance to double resource harvest.
Stacks with Fortune.

On Armor: +3% atk damage per lvl

On Weapons: Momentum
getting ceil[4 (-0.25)] or more mob kills in a row, each within (6 + lvl) seconds of each other, awards a +(4 x lvl)% speed and +(5 x lvl)% damage boost for (6 + lvl) seconds. Effect can refresh, but not stack.

On Tools: Power Drill
mining 48 (-4) blocks in a row, each within 10 seconds of each other, awards Haste II for 6 (+1) seconds. Mining while under Haste does not contribute towards the next proc.

On Armor: +3% speed per lvl

On Weapons: Combo Attack
Hits within 9s deal 0.42% (+[0.2 x lvl^1.36]%) bonus damage, up to a maximum of 10x that amount.

On Tools: Grappling Hook
Drop tool to throw it. Upon hitting a block, you are pulled towards it with 1.0 (+0.25) velocity. Cooldown of 20 (-1.5) seconds.

On Armor: +0.5 max health, +1.5% atk damage per lvl

Heart of Ice On Weapons: Ice Cleave
2.5% (+1.25%) chance to freeze the opponent for 7 (+0.5) seconds. While frozen, additional procs deal triple damage

On Tools: Flash Freeze
Turns lava next to block mined into obsidian. If you dig downward into lava, generates a platform of obsidian to save you. Also provides a 4(+2)% chance to generate an additional ore vein when mining an ore vein

On Armor: +1 max health per lvl

Gem effect percentages are calculated as BASE + [(totalLvl - 1) x INCREMENT]. This means two level 5 gems gives the equivalent of BASE + 9 x INCREMENT.

Magic Chisels are used to attached Perfect Gems to tools and weapons. To obtain one, craft a Hardy Chisel first, then imbue it with 30 experience levels by right clicking.

Tools and weapons can hold 2 gems each, while armor can only hold one gem.

Action Description Charge Cost
Attach Gem Attach a perfect gem to a tool or weapon. 1 charge

Remove Gem

Remove a perfect gem from a tool or weapon.
Refunds the gem.
2 charges

Upgrade Gem

Combine 4 gems of a tier to one gem of a higher tier, costing Blaze Powder.


Upgrading Gems

Four gems of the same level can be combined to upgrade the gem, using a Magic Chisel.

Attempting to upgrade four gems of the same type will always guarantee an upgraded gem of the same type. Upgrading gems of different types will choose one of the types used at random, weighted between the number of each used (e.g. using 3 Emerald and 1 Topaz gives a 75% chance of an Emerald, and 25% chance of a Topaz).

Math on the Effective Damage Increase (EDI) of Damage-boosting Gems:

Gem Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 10

3.6% 6.5%
9.8% 13.5% 17.6% 22.1% 27.0% 32.3% 38.0% 44.1%
(Max Combo)

4.6% 6.8% 10.2% 14.4% 19.1% 24.2% 29.7% 35.6% 41.8% 48.3%
(10 damage on Full
Prot IV Diamond)

6.5% 12.0% 18.6% 26.1% 34.6% 44.1% 54.6% 66.1% 78.6% 92.1%
(20 damage on Full
Prot IV Diamond)

5.5% 10.1% 15.3% 21.3% 28.0% 35.4% 43.5% 52.4% 61.9% 72.2%
(30 damage on Full
Prot IV Diamond)

4.9% 8.9% 13.4% 18.4% 24.0% 30.2% 36.9% 44.1% 51.9% 60.2%

^ Does not include the wind-up time needed to get to max combo.
* The Diamond gems increase in effectiveness the more armor the opponent has, but decrease in effectiveness the greater the base damage dealt, due to the diminishing returns on armor protectiveness.