Woodcutting is a Skill that can be trained by chopping logs.

  • Passive Effect: Chopped logs give +0.5% bonus items per level, following a chanced-rounding system, up to +50% at level 100.
    • This chance does not proc for player-placed blocks (duh).
    • Chanced Rounding considers the fractional part of a number as a chance; for instance, chancedRound(4.25) will have a 25% chance of being 5 and a 75% chance of being 4.

Icon Name Woodcutting EXP
Oak Log 35
Birch Log 35
Spruce Log 40
Dark Oak Log 40
Acacia Log 40
Jungle Log 60
Mangrove Log 70
Crimson Log 95
Warped Log 105