Hats are cosmetic items that can be worn in the head slot. Most can be obtained by opening a Crate of Hats, which can be found in Village Loot Chests.

A Hat may be combined with any Helmet to reskin the helmet if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The helmet is unbreakable
    • Legendary Helmets are always unbreakable
    • Flex Tape can make an item unbreakable
  • The helmet has both the Mending and Unbreaking III enchants

Normal Hats

These hats are found in Crates of Hats, which are found in Village Loot Chests, or can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant.

Icon Name Detailed Image
Unknown Plague Doctor Hat
Unknown Brown Hat
Unknown Cake Cap
Unknown Cowboy Hat
Unknown Summer Hat
Unknown Royal Top Hat
Unknown Mining Helmet
Unknown Mossy Cap
Unknown Phantom of the Opera
Unknown Straw Hat
Unknown Captain's Cap
Unknown Sailor Hat
Unknown Old Fisherman's Hat
Unknown Pirate Hat
Unknown Nerd Glasses
Unknown Van Helsing
Unknown Bunny Ears
Unknown Fez
Unknown Doug Dimmadome's Hat
Unknown Witch Hat
Unknown Top Hat
Unknown Beret
Unknown Ninja Headband
Unknown Trainer Cap
Unknown Brown Cavalier
Unknown Black Cavalier
Unknown Adventure Time Hood
Unknown Technoblade
Unknown Axolotl Hood
Unknown Baseball Cap
Unknown Bee Hat
Unknown Librarian's Hat
Unknown Elf Hat
Unknown Cat Ears
Unknown The Hat of the Cat in the Hat
Unknown Cheese Hat
Unknown Chef's Hat
Unknown Chicken Cap
Unknown Classic Tophat
Unknown Earpods
Unknown Classic Cowboy Hat
Unknown Cowpoke Hat
Unknown Creeper Hat
Unknown Donkey Hood
Unknown Dripleaf Hat
Unknown Sticky Note With “Dum” Written on it
Unknown Enderman Hat
Unknown Fishbowl
Unknown Flower Crown
Unknown Football Helmet
Unknown Fox Hat
Unknown Drying Pan
Unknown The Grind
Unknown Guardian Eye Mask
Unknown Halo
Unknown Hard Hat
Unknown Hoglin Hat
Unknown Horse Skull Mask
Unknown Iron Golem Mask
Unknown Leprechaun Hat
Unknown Log Hood
Unknown Pope Hat
Unknown Miku Hair
Unknown Monocle
Unknown Moobloom Hat
Unknown Mooshroom Hat
Unknown Mushroom Hat
Unknown Mustache
Unknown Ocelot Hood
Unknown Paper Bag
Unknown Birthday Hat
Unknown Pillager Hat
Unknown Platypus Cap
Unknown Plunger
Unknown Polar Bear Hood
Unknown Pufferfish Hat
Unknown Scarecrow Mask
Unknown Ravager Hat
Unknown Reginald Copperbottom's Hat
Unknown Ribbon
Unknown Royal Crown
Unknown Salmon Hat
Unknown Sculk Helsing
Unknown Smol Hat
Unknown Sombrero
Unknown Tin Foil Hat
Unknown Ushanka
Unknown Villager Nose
Unknown Wizards Hat
Unknown Yellow Hat
Unknown Zombie Horse Hood
Unknown Amogus
Unknown Bucket Hat
Unknown Sunglasses
Unknown Krusty Krab Employee Hat
Unknown Luigi's Cap
Unknown Mario's Cap
Unknown Rice Farmer Hat
Unknown Snorkel

Special Hats

These hats have special conditions for obtaining, and cannot be found in Crates of Hats.

Icon Name Detailed Image
Unknown Ender Dragon Hat
Unknown Propeller Hat
Unknown Deal With It
Unknown Wither Skull Hat
Unknown Drip Amogus
Unknown Shoulder Bee
Unknown Shoulder Phantom