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Pets are companion animals that can be tamed, and fight alongside you. This category currently includes Wolves, Cats, and Foxes. Stats on your pet may be checked using an Inspector, which can be crafted as follows:

Pets that are nametagged cannot take lethal damage. This does NOT mean they cannot take damage - they'll just remain at half a heart, but will still visibly get hurt. Pets can also be insured, which happens automatically when you nametag them, or if you manually click on them with Insurance Papers (crafted with 4 paper).

To call your pet from anywhere, you can craft a Whistle. After attuning this item to your pet via Right Click, using it will teleport your pet to you - even if it's in a different world or in an unloaded chunk. To unattune the whistle, place it in a crafting table.

You can only have a certain number of pets following you at once, which increases with the Taming Skill. Being on a claim that you have permission to build on will temporarily increase this cap by 20.
Pets are NOT allowed at Spawn. Pets left at Spawn will be Thanos-snapped out of existence with no refunds.

Taming Level Number of Followers
1 2
20 3
40 4
60 5
80 6
100 7

Each pet has a level, which starts at 1 and can go up to 100. Leveling up increases a pet's attack, speed, defense, and maximum health. This scaling is linear with level, even though experience scales exponentially with level. This means there is significant diminishing returns for training pets to high levels.

Experience Mechanics

Pets gain experience based on damage dealt to mobs at a base rate of 4 EXP per damage dealt; however, attacking the same mob type too much, or fighting in the same place for too long will cause your pet to get bored and reduce experience gain, eventually becoming unable to gain EXP. This is to prevent sitting at a mob grinder while your pet gains experience. To most effectively train your pet, you should move around often and attack a variety of different mobs.

For a table showing experience at each level, see the Pet Experience Table.

Different mob types also award different experience multipliers when attacked.

Mob Classification Experience Multiplier
Wolf 0.0x
Player 0.0x
Nether Mobs 1.5x
Creepers 1.25x
Endermen 1.25x
Passive Mobs 0.5x
Spawner Mobs 0.5x
Out of Bounds (Above the Nether, below bedrock, above build limit, etc) 0.0x

NOTE: These multipliers stack, so for example a Passive Spawner mob will only provide (0.5 x 0.5) = 0.25x EXP.

Boredom EXP Reduction

Attacking the same mob type too much, or attacking in the same area for too long will gradually decrease the amount of experience gained. You will see this as gameplay messages telling you that your pet is getting bored. Eventually, this multiplier reaches zero, which will make your pet unable to gain any more experience in that area and/or from that mob type. This is to prevent sitting at a mob grinder while your pet gains experience. To most effectively train your pet, you should move around often and attack a variety of different mobs.

Experience Boosters

Pets can be granted double EXP by feeding them Homemade Candies, which are craftable. Each Homemade Candy will grant a pet 20 minutes of double EXP:

Pets can also be fed Rare Candies to give them 10,000 EXP or increase their level by 1, whichever one is less EXP.

Your pet will naturally stop attacking mobs if their health gets too low, even if they can't die (remember that nametagging a tamed pet will make it unable to take lethal damage). Having high Affection motivates your pet to fight even if their health is low.

Affection ranges from 0 - 5 hearts, and can be increased by feeding your pet Colored Beans, which are commonly found in Loot Chests.

Icon Bean Affection Gained
Regular Beans +3 points
Decorated Beans +5 points
Rainbow Beans +50 points

Hearts Affection Stops Attacking At Perk(s)
- None <7 Health
1 x ❤ 1 point <6 Health EXP gain increased by 5% (Wolves will play fetch with you)
2 x ❤ 50 points <5 Health EXP gain increased by 10% (Pets will let you ride them)
3 x ❤ 100 points <4 Health EXP gain increased by 22.5%
4 x ❤ 150 points <3 Health EXP gain increased by 35%
5 x ❤ 255 points <2 Health EXP gain increased by 50%

Affection can be raised past 5 hearts by feeding your pet extra beans. Past 5 hearts, each extra heart is 256 points. Hearts beyond 5 are purely cosmetic and do not offer any additional stat bonuses.

There are multiple special interactions with pets, including verbal commands and petting them.

Physical Interactions

Name Action Description
Pet Sneak + Left Click Pets your pet. Doing so after they kill something will congratulate them and increase Affection slightly. This chat message from doing this is not visible to other players.
Fetch Throw Fetch Stick Plays fetch with nearby wolves, who will attempt to retrieve the thrown stick.
Menu Sneak + Right Click Opens the Pet Menu, which has additional options.

The Pet Menu allows you to:

  • Pick up your pet into your inventory
  • Equip armor to your pet
  • Ride your pet (with 2 or more hearts of Affection)
  • Manage your pet's Abilities.

Vocal Commands

Pets within 30 blocks of you will respond to certain verbal commands you say in chat.

Command Description
Sit All matching pets will sit.
Stand All matching pets will stand.
Locate All matching pets will glow.
Here All matching pets will teleport to you.
Speak All matching pets will make sound.
Down or Chill All matching pets will stop attacking their current target.

Matching pets defaults to all pets you own, but can be specified further by following the command with a comma (,) and other specifiers. For instance, “sit, dogs” will only make nearby wolves sit (and not cats or foxes).

Multiple conditions can be added by separating them with spaces. Multiple conditions are evaluated as OR statements. (eg. “sit, Bob wolf trait:cryomancer” will make all nearby pets that are EITHER named “Bob”, are a wolf, OR have the Cryomancer trait sit.)

Target Selector Effect Format
Name Targets by a specific name. [NAME], or if the name has spaces, “[NAME WITH SPACES]” (with quotation marks)
Species Targets by animal’s species. [SPECIES] (wolf / wolves, cat / cats, parrot / parrots, etc)
Age Targets by baby or adult. [baby or adult] (things like puppy, kitten, etc work too)
Trait Targets by a dog/cat’s traits. [trait:TRAIT] (eg. trait:cryomancer targets the cryomancer trait)

Each pet spawns with 2 traits, which range in effect from doing nothing, to increasing speed, to letting the animal shoot arrows! Traits have varying levels of rarity. An animal with two traits from the same category (e.g. two traits that increase speed) will have an even greater speed increase.

Trait Group Description Rarity
Normal, Bashful, Quirky No effect Uncommon
Reckless Attacks all monsters on sight. Rare
Brash, Brave Willing to target Creepers. Rare
Timid, Calm, Careful, Docile Refuses to fight. Rare
Steadfast, Loyal, Clingy Stays close to owner. Common
Absentminded, Lax, Impish Wanders far from owner. Common
Agile, Hasty, Swift Increased speed. Very Common
Sluggish, Idle, Relaxed Decreased speed. Very Common
Friendly, Blithe, Jolly Increased Affection gain. Common
Serious, Lonesome, Aloof Decreased Affection gain. Common
Lucky, Fortunate, Auspicious Attacks have Looting +II. Uncommon
Bold, Adamant, Naughty Increased attack damage. Common
Cute, Delicate, Feeble Decreased attack damage. Common
Hardy, Healthy, Fluffy Increased max health. Common
Frail, Fragile, Sickly Decreased max health. Common
Dextrous, Sprighty Increased jump height. Common
Fireproof, Incombustible Immune to fire damage. Uncommon
Forager, Scavenger, Packrat Forages random items from surroundings and drops them. Very Rare
Feline (wolf/fox), Canine (cat/fox), Vulpine (wolf/cat) Forgets what sound they make. Negates fall damage Rare
Abstinent Refuses to breed. Very Rare
Promiscuous, Lecherous, Fertile Decreased breeding cooldown. Extremely Rare
Blind Cannot attack anything unless it has attacked them first. Extremely Rare
Bard Plays music discs like a Jukebox. Extremely Rare
Flaming, Fiery, Blazing Attacks ignite targets. Extremely Rare
Venomous, Rabid, Toxic Attacks inflict poison. Extremely Rare
Corrosive, Corrupted, Unholy Attacks inflict wither. Extremely Rare
Icy, Frozen, Frosted Attacks inflict slowness. Extremely Rare
Brutal, Sadistic, Savage Attacks inflict bleeds. Extremely Rare
Asshat Kicks anyone who pets them. Extremely Rare
Blastoff Launches anyone who pets them. Extremely Rare
Youthful Stays a baby forever. Extremely Rare
Haunted Randomly eats your food and calls you a bitch. Extremely Rare
Reaper Heals self by 25% damage dealt. Extremely Rare
Aquatic Walks normally underwater and is immune to drowning. Very Rare
Regenerative Heals 1 health every 4 seconds. Extremely Rare
Sharpshooter Shoots arrows at 83% charge. Legendary
Pyrotechnic Shoots fireballs, with a chance of shooting a ghast fireball. Legendary
Cryomancer Shoots ice that inflicts Slowness II. Legendary
Voltaic Shoots electricity that briefly stuns and chains between up to 3 targets within 4 blocks. Legendary


Fertility is a mechanism that controls how likely traits are to be passed down from parent to offspring. After breeding, an animal's fertility is halved, and will slowly increase over time while it's not sitting.

At 100% Fertility, a pet has a 40% chance to pass one of its traits down to its offspring. For traits of Legendary rarity, this chance is further reduced by 90%, for a total chance of 4%.

Each pet has 4 Ability slots: 2 for Taught abilities, and 2 for TM abilities. You can remove abilities from your pet the Pet Menu, accessible by sneaking and right clicking on them with an empty hand. Removed abilities are NOT refunded.

Taught Abilities can be given to pets through the Taming Skill, requiring a certain Taming level and some materials. For more information, see the Taming Skill page.

  • To teach a pet that you own an ability:
    • Right click on the pet with a Training Treat
    • Training treats can be obtained uncommonly from the Thank-You Letters received from the Pet Buyer, or found in any loot chest at the same rate as Rainbow Beans
    • This opens the training menu, which lets you select which ability to teach
  • To teach someone else's pet an ability:
    1. The owner of the pet must procure a Training Wavier from the Quest Point Shop and right click on the desired pet with the wavier
    2. The wavier must then be given to the player who will be training the pet
    3. The player can right click on the pet specified on the wavier to open the training menu, consuming the wavier when training is complete

TM Abilities can be given to pets by Right Clicking on them with a TM, which are found very rarely in certain Loot Chests.

Abilities come with the following restrictions:

  • Only 2/4 slots can be filled with taught abilities - the other 2 slots require TMs
  • Pets can have a maximum of 2 of the same Ability, and the two taught Abilities cannot be the same. This means that to have a Tier II Ability (two of the same Ability), you must use at least one TM.

Abilities come in three categories:

  • Active: The ability is only used when the user is locked onto a target.
  • Passive: The ability is always “active.”
  • Hit: The ability activates each time the user hits something.

Some abilities require a certain trait in order to learn. Teaching your pet two of the same ability increases the potency, signified by the parenthesis.

Ability Lvl Type Trait Required Description
Water Gun 1 Active (None) Fires a pulse of water, dealing 125(+65)% damage to the direct target, and 75(+35)% splash damage to additional targets within 4 blocks.
Cooldown: 10.0(-4.0) seconds

Poison Sting 1 Hit (None) Afflicts current target with a poison that deals 100(+50)% total damage over 6s.
Cooldown: 6.0(-2.0) seconds

Blink 1 Active (None) Instantly teleports to current target.
Cooldown: 5.0(-2.5) seconds

Quickstep 1 Active (None) Immediately gives self Speed III(+II) for 8 seconds.
Cooldown: 14.0(-4.0) seconds

Tackle 1 Active (None) Leaps at current target, dealing 100(+50)% damage on impact.
Cooldown: 5.0(-2.0) seconds

Cleave 3 Hit (None) Deals splash damage within 3(+1) blocks equal to 75(+50%) attack damage.
Cooldown: 2.0(-1.0) seconds

Gust 3 Active (None) Unleashes a mightly gust of wind that knocks back mobs within 7 blocks in a frontal cone with up to 1.4(+0.5) intensity.
Cooldown: 8.0(-3.0) seconds

Flurry 3 Active (None) Deals a series of 6 AoE strikes with a 4-block radius. Each strike deals 20(+20)% damage.
Cooldown: 10.0(-4.0) seconds

Shadow Ball 5 Active (None) Launches an orb of dark energy at current target, dealing 150(+75)% damage and reducing their melee damage dealt by 10(+5)%.
Cooldown: 10.0(-4.0) seconds

Psybeam 5 Active (None) Fires a beam of psychic energy, dealing 125(+75)% damage.
Cooldown: 8.0(-3.0) seconds

Swords Dance 10 Active (None) Increases own attack damage by 30(+15)% for 20s.
Cooldown: 30.0(-5.0) seconds

Solar Beam 10 Active (None) Fires a beam of sunshine, dealing 25% damage. Damage increases up to 300(+150)% as the surrounding light level reaches the maximum value of 15. Damage bonus is only half as effective at night.
Cooldown: 15.0(-5.0) seconds

Leech Seed 10 Active (None) Launches an earthern projectile that drains the health of targets, inflicting 50(+25)% damage and healing for the same amount. Owner additionally heals by half the damage dealt.
Cooldown: 20.0(-5.0) seconds

Ice Beam 10 Active (None) Fires a beam of ice energy, dealing 75(+35)% damage and slowing targets by 20(+10)% for 10s.
Cooldown: 10.0(-4.0) seconds

Battle Cry 10 Active BRASH/BRAVE/RECKLESS Increases the spattack damage of nearby allies by 10(+5)% and speed for 20(+10)% for 20 seconds.
Cooldown: 40.0(-10.0) seconds

Earthquake 10 Active (None) Causes a strong earthquake at current location, inflicting 100(+50)% damage and 0.9(+0.4) knockback to entities within 4(+1) blocks.
Cooldown: 10.0(-4.0) seconds

Signal Beam 10 Active (None) Inflicts target and nearby entities with Vulnerability, causing them to take 10(+5)% more damage for 20s.
Cooldown: 15.0(-6.0) seconds

Toxic 20 Active TOXIC/RABID/VENOMOUS Unleashes a wave of poison, inflicting a poison effect to targets within 7(+2) blocks that deals 200(+100)% total damage over 10s.
Cooldown: 15.0(-4.0) seconds

Impale 20 Active BRUTAL/SADISTIC/SAVAGE Launches a piercing bolt that deals 100% damage to hit targets, with a 50(+50)% chance to inflict Bleed equivalent to 25% of the damage.
Cooldown: 10.0(-4.0) seconds

Night Slash 20 Active (None) Performs a piercing dash at current target, dealing 10% extra damage, increasing to 200(+100)% extra damage as the surrounding light level nears complete darkness. Damage bonus only applies at night.
Cooldown: 10.0(-4.0) seconds

Vampirism 25 Hit REAPER Owner heals by 10% of damage dealt.
Cooldown: 3.0(-1.0) seconds

Nature's Bounty 30 Passive (None) Increases owner's crop yield by 8(+4)%. Effect cannot be stacked.
Cooldown: 5.0(-0.0) seconds

Wood Hammer 30 Passive SCAVENGER/FORAGER/PACKRAT Increases owner's log yield by 6(+4)% and chance of finding a Bird's Nest by 3(+2)%. Effect cannot be stacked.
Cooldown: 5.0(-0.0) seconds

Dig 30 Passive SCAVENGER/FORAGER/PACKRAT Increases owner's ore yield by 6(+4)% and chance of finding a Crystal Geode by 3(+2)%. Effect cannot be stacked.
Cooldown: 5.0(-0.0) seconds

Surf 30 Passive AQUATIC Grants owner Water Breathing. Additionally increases owner's fishing speed by 6(+4)% and fishing luck by 3(+2)%. Effect cannot be stacked.
Cooldown: 5.0(-0.0) seconds

Ember 30 Active FIERY/FLAMING/BLAZING/PYROTECHNIC Unleashes a burst of flame that deals up to 150(+50)% damage to entities within 5 blocks in a frontal cone. Additionally ignites those entities for 7(+4)s.
Cooldown: 9.0(-2.0) seconds

Icy Wind 30 Active ICY/FROSTED/FROZEN/CRYOMANCER Unleashes a chilling wind that deals up to 100(+50)% damage and inflicts Slow II(+1) for 7(+4)s to entities within 5 blocks in a frontal cone.
Cooldown: 9.0(-2.0) seconds

Life Bond 30 Passive (None) When owner is damaged, conjures Life Bonds that transfer 2(+2) health. Does not work if under 1 health.
Cooldown: 15.0(-4.0) seconds

Rock Smash 40 Passive (None) Gives owner Haste I(+I).
Cooldown: 5.0(-0.0) seconds

Treasure Hunter 40 Passive SCAVENGER/FORAGER/PACKRAT When scavenging an item, has a 20(+10)% chance to find a Treasure Chest instead, which contains chest loot. Loot type is biome and location dependent.
Cooldown: 0.0(-0.0) seconds

Healing Orb 40 Passive (None) When owner is damaged, conjures Orbs of Regeneration that apply Regeneration I(+I) for 12 seconds.
Cooldown: 45.0(-11.0) seconds

Pay Day 50 Passive LUCKY/AUSPICIOUS/FORTUNATE Increases owner's loot chest luck by 4(+3)%. Effect cannot be stacked.
Cooldown: 5.0(-0.0) seconds

Self Destruct 50 Active RECKLESS/BRAVE/BRASH Reduces own health to 1 to inflict damage to targets within 10 blocks equal to 100(+50)% of health before activating Self Destruct. Damage falls off with distance.
Cooldown: 300.0(-60.0) seconds

Sanctuary 50 Passive REGENERATIVE Heals players and pets within 5(+2) blocks 1 health.
Cooldown: 3.0(-1.0) seconds

Blood Forfeit 50 Passive STEADFAST/LOYAL/CLINGY/FRIENDLY/JOLLY/BLITHE When owner is under 25% health, instantly sacrifices as much health as possible to heal owner.
Cooldown: 180.0(-60.0) seconds

Charge Beam 60 Active VOLTAIC Discharges a large amount of electricity, dealing 150(+100)% damage and stunning all frontal targets for 2(+2) seconds. Targets gain stun immunity for 10s afterwards.
Cooldown: 20.0(-5.0) seconds

Robin Hood 60 Null SHARPSHOOTER Shoots 3 arrows per shot instead of one.
Cooldown: 0.0(-0.0) seconds

Absolute Zero 60 Active CRYOMANCER Eludes a biting aura of cold that damages entities within 7(+2) blocks for 20(+20)% damage and reduces their movement speed by 20(+20)% for 2 seconds.
Cooldown: 0.8(-0.0) seconds

Flare Blitz 60 Active PYROTECHNIC Lunges at current target, dealing 300-400%(+100)% damage.
Cooldown: 7.0(-3.5) seconds

Shiny animals are very rare variants of normal pets. While they don't have a different texture, they do emit sparkly particles. Shiny animals spawn at a rate of 1/4096, and can be bred at the same rate. Holding a Shiny Charm while making two pets breed will triple your base chances of the offspring being shiny.

Breeding shiny pets will slightly increases the chance that their offspring will be shiny. This increase stacks additively to the chance increase from the Shiny Charm, which is craftable: