Mob Arena Overview

Mob Arena is a cooperative team game in which you choose one of 7 Classes to battle waves of mobs and bosses using powerful Spells and Abilities.

Equipment is provided for you in the form of Classes - you do not (and cannot) use your own gear.

Classes and Abilities

Classes are a core system to Mob Arena. Each class has a different play-style, and a different ability pool to choose from. Abilities are special powers you can use to defeat mobs. Each class has a pool of 20 different abilities split evenly into 5 categories:

  1. Basic Abilities
  2. Secondary Abilities
  3. Tertiary Abilities
  4. Quaternary Abilities
  5. Ultimate Abilities

For each game, you may choose one ability from each category to use as your loadout. Loadouts may be edited in the Mob Arena lobby by clicking on the class you wish to select.

Abilities may be upgraded, up to Level 7. Each upgrade roughly increases the ability's effectiveness by 10% of the previous level.

Upgrading an ability can be performed from the Ability Selection menu in the Mob Arena lobby, and costs Tokens and Ability EXP, neither of which exist as physical items.

Tokens are earned from each game of Mob Arena based on your personal performance. Post-game reward crates can also award some extra Tokens.

Ability EXP is earned only from post-game reward crates, and are tied to a specific ability (e.g. Fireball EXP). Your reward crate can only give EXP for the abilities you had in your loadout that game.

Upgrade Level Token Cost EXP Cost
1 -> 2 250 200
2 -> 3 800 500
3 -> 4 2,500 1,000
4 -> 5 7,500 2,000
5 -> 6 25,000 4,000
6 -> 7 100,000 10,000


A tanky, robust melee class.

Armor: Full Iron (14 armor points)
Primary Weapon: Iron Sword
Secondary Weapon: Iron Axe

  • Takes 5% less damage

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A longranged and versatile sharpshooter.

Armor: Full Chainmail (10 armor points)
Primary Weapon: Bow
Secondary Weapon: Crossbow

  • Crossbow automatically reloads 4s after being shot

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A magical class that specializes in splash damage.

Armor: Full Leather (9 armor points)
Primary Weapon: Wand
Secondary Weapon: Orb

  • Damage scales with the Power enchantment

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A support class specializing in buffs and health restoration.

Armor: Full Gold (10 armor points)
Primary Weapon: Gold Sword
Secondary Weapon: Gold Axe

  • Starts with some splash healing potions

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A lightly armored, speedy glass cannon.

Armor: Full Leather (7 armor points)
Primary Weapon: Diamond Sword (9 base damage)
Secondary Weapon: Diamond Axe (9 base damage)

  • Permanent Speed II
  • Takes 6 less fall damage
  • Throwable TNT

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A master of the outdoors that calls upon wolves to join in the battle.

Armor: Chainmail and Iron (9 armor points)
Primary Weapon: Stone Sword
Secondary Weapon: Stone Axe

  • 2 permanent wolves
  • Gains +1 permanent wolf per upgrade wave
  • Immune to fall damage

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A spoony support class that specializes in buffing their team.

Armor: Gold and Leather (9 armor points)
Primary Weapon: Lute
Secondary Weapon: Violin

  • Left Clicking with a weapon performs a piercing ranged attack that deals 100% weapon damage to the first target, and 25% weapon damage to all other targets.

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Powers are passive effects that are active for each game of Mob Arena. They are unlocked very rarely from rewards crates, and can be upgraded up to Level 3. Once unlocked, they are permanent; however, you can only select one Power to be active per game. You must get all Powers of a previous tier before you can start upgrading Powers (e.g. to get a Level 2 Power, you must first unlock all Level 1 Powers).

Icon Power Description


Bandages heal you more.


Ultimate Abilities drain less Rage when used.
Quaternary Abilities cost less Rage when used.
Rage drain from inactivity is also reduced.

Coin Magnet

Nearby coins are attracted to you.
Coins that you pick up are worth more than usual.

Phoenix Fury

You resurrect to half health when you die. The effect will
recharge after you survive a number of non-trivial waves.
Upon resurrection, negative status effects are cleared and
you are invincible for a short while.


Reduces all ability cooldowns.
Quaternary abilities with no cooldown have their
rage costs (but not use thresholds) reduced instead.


Start the game with extra weapon damage.
Upgrades to your weapons are more powerful.

Elite Defender

Start the game with Protection on two armor pieces.
Your max health increases whenever your armor upgrades.


You earn more Tokens and Rewards from each game.

Soul Split

You heal by damage that you deal.

Gameplay Mechanics

The basic goal of the game is to slay mobs and survive as long as possible. Each arena does have an end, but depending on your Difficulty selection and player skill, you may or may not get to it. Dying is not permanent, as there are several ways to get resurrected:

Ways to get Resurrected

Upon getting resurrected by a class ability, such as Genesis or Monody, you will gain a temporary, but unclearable Weakness effect. On your first resurrection, you receive Brush with Death, which reduces your damage and healing ability potency by 25%. This debuff becomes Death's Door, which reduces your damage and healing ability potency by 50%, if you die again while Brush with Death or Death's Door is active.

When all players die, you will get an option to continue. Accepting the continue will place you back on the wave you died on, refund all consumables (spells, bandages) used that wave, and grant a cash bonus of $4,000 split among all players, or $500 each, whichever is greater. All players will also receive permanent potion effects for the remainder of the game. However, that wave will not contribute to your score, and future score and rewards earned from that point onwards will be reduced by 25% each time, stacking with the number of continues used.

Continues Strength Resistance Regen Rewards
1 - I (1) - 0.75x
2 I (1) I (1) I (1) 0.56x
3 II (2) I (1) II (2) 0.42x
4 IV (4) II (2) II (2) 0.32x
5 VI (6) II (2) III (3) 0.24x
6 VIII (8) III (3) III (3) 0.18x
7 XI (11) III (3) IV (4) 0.13x
8 XIV (14) IV (4) IV (4) 0.1x
9 XVII (27) IV (4) V (5) 0.08x
10+ XX (20) IV (4) VI (6) 0.06x


You can select one of several difficulties when playing a Mob Arena. Note that lower difficulty indirectly reduces rewards since there's overall less mobs to kill, and they have lower health.

Difficulty Description

I Am God

• Players take 100% less damage
• Mobs take 200% more damage
• Mob difficulty scales Rapidly
• You earn 100% less Tokens


• Players take 80% less damage
• Mob difficulty does not scale
• 50% less mobs spawn per wave
• Mobs drop 300% more money
• Bosses have 70% less health
• Boss abilities give 50% more warning
• You earn 80% less Tokens


• Players take 40% less damage
• Mob difficulty scales Very Slowly
• 25% less mobs spawn per wave
• Mobs drop 100% more money
• Bosses have 40% less health
• Boss abilities give 50% more warning
• You earn 10% less Tokens


• Players take 20% less damage
• Mob difficulty scales Fairly Slowly
• Mobs drop 50% more money
• Bosses have 15% less health


• Players do not take reduced damage
• Mob difficulty scales Decently
• 10% more mobs spawn per wave
• Mobs drop 15% more money
• Boss abilities give 25% less warning
• You earn 10% more Tokens
• Upgrades are reduced


• Players do not take reduced damage
• Mob difficulty scales Rapidly
• 25% more mobs spawn per wave
• Mobs do not drop extra money
• Boss abilities give 35% less warning
• You earn 25% more Tokens
• Upgrades are reduced


• Players take 100% more damage
• Mobs take 50% less damage
• Mob difficulty scales Extremely Rapidly
• 25% more mobs spawn per wave
• Bosses use abilities twice as fast
• Boss abilities give 50% less warning
• Mobs drop 50% less money
• You earn 100% more Tokens
• Upgrades are reduced

Hall of Glass

• Players take 3000% more damage
• Mobs take 1000% more damage
• Mob difficulty scales Rapidly
• Mobs do not drop extra money
• Boss abilities give 25% less warning
• You earn 15% more Tokens
• Upgrades are reduced

Wave Types

  • Normal Waves - The most common; a standard wave of enemies. The number of enemies scale with the number of players and the current wave number.
  • Swarm Waves - Spawns a very large amount of enemies in a short amount of time, but they have reduced health.
  • Boss Waves - Spawns a single boss monster, who has special Abilities of their own. Boss fights can have dialogue and multiple phases. When defeated, bosses drop a lot of money, several minor Spells (Striking or Flaming Impact), and one major spell (Equilibrium, Resurrection, Shielding, Forfeiture, or Rage).
  • Upgrade Waves - Usually happen after a Boss Wave. All dead players are resurrected, and sometimes gear gets upgraded.


The stockpile can be accessed by right-clicking with the chest on your hotbar.

You can share items and money with your team through this interface. Dying with spells in your inventory will deposit all of them into the stockpile if there's space (or drop them on the ground otherwise). However, money and bandages will NOT be deposited automatically on death.

Mob Arena Shop

Enemies drop money upon being killed. Money collected does NOT persist between games, and can be spent in the in-game shop accessible by right-clicking the book on your hotbar. Note that the prices can change per arena; listed below are the default prices.

Item Cost Description
Bandages $80 Instantly heals 6 health
Super Antidote $350 Gives bad effect immunity for 90s
Super Restore $240 Heals 20 health and cures bad effects
Spell of Striking $60 Summons lighting where you're aiming.\Damage: 24\Range: 1.5 blocks\Special: brief stun
Spell of Flaming Impact $240 Launches a fireball where you're aiming.\Damage: 15-30\Range: 5 blocks
Tome of Upgrades $1,000 Upgrades either your armor or weapons (your choice).
Soul Phylactery $1,500 Appears in your inventory after death, and can be used to instantly resurrect yourself. Does not work if you were the last one alive
Spell of Equilibrium $280 Instantly averages the health of all living players
Spell of Forfeiture $1,000 Halves the health of all enemies and players. Does maximum of 300 damage to bosses
Spell of Rage $1,500 All living players gain 15% rage per second for 10s
Spell of Shielding $2,000 Adds 50 points of Shield to all living players for 60s
Spell of Resurrection $3,000 Revives all dead teammates and fully heals living ones. Clears the Weakness effect from all players. Resurrected teammates do not get Weakness
Potion of Night Vision $25 Lets you see in the dark


Ending a Mob Arena will award a Loot Crate if you've earned at least 50 value. Everyone's loot crate will have the same base value, which is an average of your team's performance. The following game actions affect rewards, in order of importance:

  1. Non-trivial damage dealt
  2. Non-trivial health healed through Abilities
  3. Wave Reached
  4. Mob Killcount

Non-trivial actions refer to actions that actually contribute to the fight. For instance, waiting for mobs to naturally regen, then hitting them is considered trivial damage, and will not contribute to score. Similarly, healing someone who is at full health, or purposefully stalling the round to take more damage is considered trivial healing, and will not contribute to score.

Each crate can also have a random multiplier depending on what type it is:

Crate Type Chance Reward Multiplier
Old default x1.0
Normal ~1/4 x1.25
Intricate ~1/20 x1.5
Occult ~1/50 x2.0

Rewards include Enchanting EXP, Tokens, Ability EXP, and Rare Items.

  • Ornament Kits - can be crafted with weapons or tools to add a cosmetic skin. These can be removed at any time by putting the ornamented item in a crafting grid, preserving both the item and the ornament kit
  • Powers - unlockable passive effects you can use in Mob Arena