Staff Ranks

Here you'll find the list of staff that keep us running!
They play the game too, but are strictly not allowed to use their elevated privileges for anything that could give them a gameplay advantage. This includes stuff like using spectator mode to scout areas, spawning items, etc. In fact, the normal state of all staff members is to stay non-OP - they only get their elevated privileges through entering a special mode that snapshots their inventory and location, restoring it back to what they were when they're done doing their staff duties!

Admins have access to server files and are responsible for maintenance and development of server infrastructure and new features.

  • Accell (He/Him) - Lead Developer
    • Comes up with and codes server gameplay things
    • Deep knowledge of Java and Minecraft codebase
    • Will unapologetically nerf your favorite items (if they're OP)
    • If something breaks ingame, it's probably his fault
  • Al (He/Him) - System Admin / Developer
    • Codes infrastructure things
    • Deep system admin background; love-hate relationship with C
    • If there's something fancy that's not limited to Minecraft (like the Dynmap lodestone display), it's probably his doing
    • Handles the system administration stuff that Accell doesn't know how to do

Moderators have access to Operator privileges ingame. They also possess considerable technical knowledge and/or help with the game's ongoing development. They are NOT allowed to use Operator privileges to cheat in the game.

  • Mami (She/Her)
    • Hardware and server whiz
    • Will boop you, do not resist, it is futile

Helpers are players who have access elevated privileges (such as Fly and Spectator Mode), but not full OP, and are able to assist with normal server operation, such as helping newer folks and investigating player reports. They are NOT allowed to use their elevated privileges to cheat in the game.

  • Snow (He/Him)
    • Gamer