Donator Ranks

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Proceeds go towards monthly server hosting costs, which is currently roughly $120/month.

Ranks are special designations that are given to players who contribute financially to the server by purchasing them. They are a one-time purchase. Rank perks are compliant with Mojang's EULA, as they do not offer a “competitive gameplay advantage,” and “do not adversely or negatively [impact] another player’s experience.” Perks are either cosmetic, or ones that require server resources to maintain, so logically the players helping us keep the server running should be allowed more of it.

Rank None PLUS VIP
Price - $9.99 $29.99
Max Land Claims 4 5 7
Max Claim Area (Overworld) 16,000 (~126×126) 24,000 (~155×155) 32,000 (~179×179)
Max Claim Area (Nether) 1,600 (40×40) 2,400 (~49×49) 3,200 (~57×57)
Max Lodestones 5 6 8
Max Music Slots 9 13 18
Max Insurance Slots 7 10 14
Max Image Maps 25 50 90
/nickname (With linked Discord) ✔️ ✔️
Colored /nickname ✔️ ✔️
Color codes in chat ✔️
Color codes on signs* ✔️
Reskin skulls/heads with /reskin* ✔️

* Players with this perk may NOT sell this service to other players, but can perform this service for others for free, and can accept tips if the tipper is not nudged or coerced to give something in return.

Purchaseable ingame effects are fully EULA-complaint, being either cosmetic effects or gameplay boosts that affect the entire server. They are purchased with nontransferable, nonredeemable premium currency called Platinum ★, which can only be purchased with USD on the server store. There is no way to normally earn Platinum through ingame means.

Crates can be both purchased and used through /donor. They contain cosmetic particle effects, which you can access through /effects. Opening a crate grants you a single one. Each crate guarantees you one that you do not have yet, which means you cannot get duplicates. Opening a crate after you've unlocked them all will simply refund the crate's price in Platinum ★.

There are 3 types of particle effects:

  • Player Trails - these effects passively play around you as you walk or stand.
  • Arrow Effects - these effects play when you shoot an arrow.
  • Hit Effects - these effects play when you hit an entity with a melee attack.
Icon Crate Price Contents
Prismatic Crate 25 ★ A single random particle effect from any of the three categories.
Shimmering Crate 30 ★ A single random Player Trail particle effect.
Bursting Crate 30 ★ A single random Hit Effect.
Streaming Crate 30 ★ A single random Arrow Effect.

Particle effects come in 4 rarities:

Rarity Chance
Common 8/15 (53%)
Uncommon 4/15 (27%)
Rare 2/15 (13%)
Legendary 1/15 (7%)

Scrolls give gameplay boosts for the entire server for a short time. They can be purchased and used through the appropriate submenu in /donor.

Icon Scroll Price Duration Effect
Scroll of Plenty 30 ★ 20 minutes For the entire server: doubles resource harvest from woodcutting, farming, mining, and fishing. Stacks multiplicatively with Fortune.

Scroll of Looting 30 ★ 20 minutes For the entire server: doubles most mob drops and non-Legendary boss rewards. Doubles the drop rate of non-Legendary boss rewards. Stacks multiplicatively with Looting.

Scroll of Sagacity 30 ★ 20 minutes For the entire server: doubles pet EXP, skill EXP, and enchanting EXP gained. Stacks additively with other EXP boosting effects.

Scroll of Treasure 30 ★ 20 minutes For the entire server: doubles non-unique loot chest loot, and increases the chance of rare items in loot chests by 50%.

Scroll of Rewarding 30 ★ 40 minutes For the entire server: doubles Mob Arena Token and Ability EXP rewards. Does NOT affect Reward Crate value.

Scroll of Boosting 30 ★ 40 minutes For the entire server: temporarily increases the level of Mob Arena abilities by 3. Cannot boost past the maximum ability level.