Pet Insurance

To safeguard your pets, you can “insure” them, which stores a backup version in case they ever mysteriously vanish.
Currently the following entity types can be insured:

  • Wolves
  • Cats
  • Foxes
  • Horses

Insuring Pets

Pets are automatically insured if you have available insurance slots as soon as you nametag an appropriate animal. Insurance is also automatically updates when a pet levels up. You can also manually update a pet's insurance using Insurance Papers:

Claiming Insurance

You can claim insurance or manage your insured pets by Right Clicking with Insurance Papers, or by using /insurance. Insurance cannot be claimed if the pet still exists ingame. Should two of the same pet be in the world at the same time, one will arbitrarily be removed.
Horses recalled from insurance will have their inventory wiped (including the Saddle).
Players have a limited number of insurance slots:

Rank Max Insurance Slots
- 7
VIP 14