Power Tools

Power Tools are upgraded versions of Diamond and Netherite tools that have been upgraded with 8 Gold Blocks, gaining one or more special abilities. Tools allow you to harvest a large amount of resources at once directly to your inventory, while a Power Sword will let you perform a dash attack, both at the cost of durability and Charge.

Diamond and Netherite tools can be turned into Power Tools by crafting them with 8 gold blocks. Using a Power Tool’s ability will deplete both durability and charge. Without sufficient charge remaining, a Power Tool’s ability will cease to function, but it will still work as the normal item. Power Tools can be recharged by crafting them with gold nuggets, ingots, or blocks.

Power Tool abilities:

Tool Ability

Power Pickaxe

Sneak + Mine Stone: instantly harvest all stone in a 5x5 area.
Sneak + Mine Ore: instantly harvest the entire ore vein.

Power Axe

Sneak + Break Wood: instantly harvest the tree and leaves.

Power Shovel

Sneak + Break Dirt/Sand/Gravel: instantly harvest all similar blocks within a 5x5 area.
Sneak + Left Click: telekinetically pulls all items and EXP orbs within a 50-block, 120-degree frontal cone to your current location.

Power Hoe

Sneak + Break Crops: instantly harvests and replants up to 1,000 nearby crops of the same type within 64 blocks.
Only breaks the top layer of sugarcane.

Power Sword

Sneak + Left Click: performs a dash attack straight forward. Colliding with an entity will deal critical damage. You can dash downwards, but not upwards.