1. DON'T BE A DICK. No griefing, “trolling,” stealing, etc. If it's a misunderstanding, work it out – otherwise, you will be banned.
    1. Staff have the right to interpret, at ANY TIME, what “being a dick” means, and are allowed to proactively warn and/or ban people given probable cause.
    2. This also means don't try to kill people in non-PVP areas. PVPing in the Wilderness will not be moderated - you're free to hunt people down in there, assuming both of you are in the Wilderness willingly. This means that, for instance, luring unsuspecting players into the Wilderness with the intent of killing them is not allowed.
  2. Keep your word and do not scam others. Breaking a verbal agreement is considered scamming.
  3. Keep media posted, both ingame and on Discord, SFW / PG.
  4. Items lost to carelessness will NOT be refunded. Items reportedly lost to glitches may be refunded ONLY IF STRICTLY ALL the following conditions are met:
    1. The method of loss is verifiable by the mods
    2. There exists independent proof of ownership of said item (screenshots/videos DO NOT COUNT)
    3. There exists independent proof that the item was really lost (screenshots/videos DO NOT COUNT)
  5. Do not use hacked clients or cheats. Cheaters will be permanently banned with no chance for appeal.
    1. Do NOT use auto-clickers (including taping your mouse). They are indistinguishable from bots or cheats, and will be treated as such.
    2. Examples of Cheats include Xray, Kill Aura, Autominer, Bhop, Fly, etc
  6. Do not exploit bugs. If something seems suspicious, DM @Accell#4133.
    1. Examples of Bugs/Exploits:
      • Under very specific circumstances, you can craft a bow, gaining Fletching EXP, but not consuming the crafting materials
      • Crafting a specific bow gives a suspiciously massive 13,400 experience
      • A crafting recipe needs Cooking Level 70, but you are able to craft it at Level 34
      • You find a way to build on someone else's claimed land, to which you are not added
      • You find a way to cheese a boss by getting it stuck somewhere in the arena, allowing a very easy kill
      • You find a way to duplicate items
    2. Players who find, do not exploit, and immediately report many significant bugs/exploits will be awarded ___ the Gamebreaker title and particle trail in-game.
    3. Players who exploit bugs and/or fail to report them in a timely manner will result in rollback of any progress made with said exploit, on top of a temporary or permanent ban, depending on behavioral history and the severity of the exploit.
  7. Do not intentionally create lag machines. You will be banned with no chance for appeal.

Contact Staff if you have any questions or concerns!

All purely-cosmetic mods are allowed. The following is a list of explicitly whitelisted, arguably non-purely-cosmetic mods. If you don't see a mod you use on this list, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's banned - if it's not cheaty it's probably allowed. You can ask Staff just to be sure though, and we'll update this list.

  • Xaero's BetterPVP (Full Version)
  • Xaero's Minimap
  • Xaero's World Map
  • Voxelmap
  • Brightness mods

Updated Jan 2nd, 2023.