A network of teleportation platforms that all link to each other. Right Clicking on one will open up a GUI that lists all the active lodestones. Lodestones may be crafted by surrounding a Diamond Block with 8 Gold Blocks.

You are limited in the number of lodestones you can place.

Rank Maximum Lodestones
- 5

Left Clicking an icon in the GUI will teleport you to that lodestone.
Right Clicking an icon in the GUI will, if you own the lodestone, open up the Settings menu.
Sneak + Right Clicking on the lodestone itself will open the Settings menu if you own that lodestone.

Option Description
Change Icon Opens a text input to change the lodestone’s icon via the material name. You can find a list of valid nameshere.
Hide Coords Toggles the option to hide the lodestone’s coordinates when displayed in the lodestone menu.
Add Password Non-added players must type in a password to teleport to the lodestone. To remove the password, leave the password slot blank and click submit.
Toggle Lock Locked lodestones are not visible in the lodestone menu unless the viewer is added as a member.
Member List Opens a sub-menu that shows all players added to the lodestone. You can add and remove members from this sub-menu.

A lodestone can be moved for free, but only within 32 blocks of it's first location.
Fully destroying a lodestone will only refund a paltry 1 diamond and 5-9 gold ingots.
Only the lodestone owner may break or move a lodestone.

Featured Lodestones show up in the front page of the Lodestone menu. They are curated by Staff and represent lodestones that provide a significant benefit to the community (or otherwise just look really cool). Once featured, lodestones cannot be locked or password protected. To get your lodestone featured, you must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  1. The lodestone must be public
    • This means the lodestone cannot be locked, and the destination cannot trap entrants
  2. The lodestone must not be password protected
  3. The destination must be reasonably claimed
  4. The destination must contain a build that EITHER:
    • Provides a significant public service to the community. Examples include:
      • Farms, both mob and material
      • A well-stocked shop owned by an active player
      • A marketplace area owned by an active player that allows others to create shops
    • Is a very large build that looks very cool
  5. The destination must look presentable (aka not ugly)
  6. The destination must not be a chest loot structure
  7. The destination must not be laggy. Lag can be caused by a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to:
    • Many entities
    • Many beacons
    • Many tile entities

Destinations that are also player bases will be treated with increased scrutiny.

If you have a lodestone that meets the above criteria, you may contact a staff member and provide them with a short description of the lodestone's function. This description will show up underneath the entry on the Featured page, and tells players what to expect there. The staff member will review your lodestone, and make a decision on whether or not it can be featured.