Mining is a Skill that can be trained by mining ores. Mining stone does not award mining experience.

  • Passive Effect: Mining ores gives +0.5% bonus items per level, following a chanced-rounding system, up to +50% at level 100.
    • This chance does not proc for player-placed blocks (duh).
    • Chanced Rounding considers the fractional part of a number as a chance; for instance, chancedRound(4.25) will have a 25% chance of being 5 and a 75% chance of being 4.

Icon Name Mining EXP
Coal* 30
Copper* 30
Iron* 75
Gold* 125
Lapis Lazuli* 110
Redstone* 110
Emerald* 300
Diamond* 300
Nether Quartz 62
Nether Gold 125
Ancient Debris 700

* Deepslate variants give 20% more EXP