Land Claiming

Right Click two points with a Feather, then type the command /claim confirm. Land claims are 2-dimentional, and include all blocks along the vertical Y-axis. Land may only be claimed in the Overworld and Nether worlds. The Wilderness cannot be claimed. Each player is limited to the following claim areas (2-dimensional):

Rank Claim Limit Maximum Total Area
- 4 16,000 blocks
PLUS 5 24,000 blocks
VIP 7 32,000 blocks

Players may be added to your claim using /claim add [name] command. Granular settings for each claim can be accessed by using /claim settings while standing in your claim.

  • Creepers don't damage blocks
  • TNT doesn't damage blocks unless ignited by the land owner
  • Peaceful animals cannot be damaged by explosions
  • Players cannot build or destroy blocks unless given permission
  • Players cannot hurt animals unless given permission
  • Nametagged peaceful animals cannot take lethal damage
  • Villagers and Pigs will not be converted with Witches and Pigmen in a thunderstorm

Right Clicking on them with a Sign. To place a sign without locking, hold Sneak while placing the sign.

Right Click the sign and use the command /lock [line#] [text] Adding other players’ names to the sign allows multiple people to access the locked object. Special codes are allowed as lines on a lock sign, and have different functions. The square brackets are required.

Special Code Effect
[Everyone] Allows anyone to open the chest, bypassing claimed-land restrictions.
[More Users] If three spaces aren’t enough to put all you want on a sign, use another sign headed with this to continue the list.
[Timer:#] Automatically closes a door after # seconds.