Patch Notes 1.2.0

  • Note that the Wiki has not been fully updated for this expansion yet, but will be shortly!
  • Resource Pack has updated. If you manually downloaded the pack before, you will need to re-download it (steps in #resources)

General Changes:

  • Netherite Ingots can now be blown up using TNT to make 3 Netherite Dust
  • The limit on the number of claims you can have is now per-world instead of global. This means that if the limit was 5 claims, under the old system you would have been limited to 5 total claims (e.g. 2 in nether, 3 in overworld), but now you would be able to have up to 5 claims in both nether and overworld
  • If you're out of claim space and are building purely decorative things, you can now request an extension by notifying staff. Land claimed using this extension cannot be used for farms, and no trying to be clever by making a single house inside a large farm or stuff like that
  • Reduced the attack damage of mobs in The Shallows of the Shadow Realm
  • Having a pet “die” in Shadow Realm now makes it unable to attack for 3 minutes and causes attackers to retarget, instead of reflecting any overkill damage to you
  • Slightly increased the chance of Perfect Gems in Bastion loot chests
  • Mob Arena auto-start timer now starts counting down when the first person tries to select a difficulty, as opposed to when the first person enters
  • Legendary Artefacts can now be combined with Tails by crafting them together. Can be separated freely at any time by putting it back in the crafting grid. Cannot be rerolled until you revert the combination
  • You can now view skill highscores by Total EXP by using the new experience bottle icon in the bottom right corner of the /skills menu

Removed the following Augments (since they were converted into Magic Spells):

  • Heal
  • Heal Other
  • Heal Group
  • Bloom
  • Deluge

Edited titles:

  • … [the Ender] description changed to specify Ender Dragon (Normal)
  • [Finally,] … description changed to specify Ender Dragon (Normal)
  • … [the Endsworn] tier changed from Hard to Elite, description changed tp specify Ender Dragon (Normal)
  • Added … [the Lone Ender] for completing Ender Dragon (Solo) solo
  • Added a new tier - Super Elite, that displays as a red title
  • [Dragonslayer] … tier changed from Elite to Super Elite
  • … [the Lucid] tier changed from Elite to Super Elite
  • … [of the Rising Sun] tier changed from Elite to Super Elite
  • [Jack of Trades] … tier changed from Easy to Hard
  • … [the Skilled] tier changed from Hard to Elite
  • … [the Cracked] tier changed from Elite to Super Elite

New Items:

  • Added Blaze Arrows
    • Crafting two arrows with a blaze rod will create the corresponding Blaze Arrow
    • Blaze Arrows give a flat +2 damage bonus in addition to whatever bonus the base arrow had
  • Added Reprisers and Magic Lanterns
    • Bow and spell equivalents of Defenders. Can be irreversibly crafted from the corresponding Defender by adding a certain Crossbow or Wand. Look for specific recipes in /items
    • Defenders, Reprisers, and Magic Lanterns can now be combined with Tails by crafting them together. Can be separated freely at any time by putting it back in the crafting grid

You can now become a wizard and cast magical spells at things! When you log in, you will receive a free Wand if you have inventory space. If you don't make some space, then relog to receive your free wand. You can also craft a wand by looking at the recipe in /itemsBows, Crossbows, Wands tab at the bottom.

Read more in the WIP article on Magic!

  • Shift + Right Click with the Wand to bind spells to Right, Left, Sneak + Right, Sneak + Left, Swap (F), and/or Drop (Q) keys
  • Dealing damage with spells gains you experience in the Magic skill
  • Wands can be enchanted with the following enchants at an anvil via enchanted book:
Enchantment Max Level Effect
Power 5 Increases spell damage by 15%, plus 15% for each level
Conservation^ 4 Reduces spell mana cost by 4% per level
Swift Cast^ 3 Reduces spell cooldown by 5% per level

^ Can be enchanted on a Book in an Enchantment Table, or found as an Enchanted Book from various loot sources

Available Elements:

Icon Element Effect
Air Fast firing spells that deal low damage
Water Low damage spells that splash in a large area
Earth Short-ranged spells that increase a target's damage taken
Fire Slow-firing, but strong spells that inflict burn
Electric High damage per second, but tend to have heavy mana costs
Ice Slows targets
Light Bonus damage to undead, mostly support spells
Dark Decreases the melee damage of targets

Each Element has its own elemental level, which influence the strength of spells, and must be unlocked. You initially start with one free elemental unlock. Without this unlock, you can still train Magic by casting Magic Missile, a weak spell that everyone has access to by default. Additional elements can be unlocked by finding Spell Books, which are commonly found in Stronghold Library, Woodland Mansion, and Jungle Temple loot chests. Spell Books will also occasionally show up in the Traveling Merchant.


In addition to elements, you can also allocate Magic Skill Points to Attunements to specialize into certain elements. Attunements give special additional effects and augment the power of the specialized element.

  • Allocate your points by crafting a Magic Lectern, placing it, and Right Clicking on it
    • There's one at Spawn in the Enchanting area, but you can craft your own too following the recipe in /items
  • You get more Magic Skill Points as you level up the Magic skill
  • Magic Skill Points may be reset at any time at the cost of $400, giving you back all the spent points for you to re-allocate

Magic Catalysts

Like how Archery uses Arrows as ammo, you can optionally use Catalysts as Ammo for Magic. Using Catalysts will consume one for every eligible spell cast, and will boost the damage of that spell, depending on the tier of the catalyst.

Available catalysts are:

  • Cupric (Copper)
  • Ferrous (Iron)
  • Azure (Lapis)
  • Aurum (Gold)
  • Crystalline (Amethyst and Quartz)
  • Brilliant (Diamond and Emerald)
  • Hellfire (Netherite)
  • Nepthal (Nepthalite)

As usual, crafting recipes can be found in /items.

Removed Tectonic Wands (Mob Arena V reward)

Added other special Wands in their place:

Icon Item Description
Wand of Destruction (u) Combine with any Wand to create the usable version, inheriting all stats from the supplied Wand. Increases spell damage by 10%.
Wand of Restoration (u) Combine with any Wand to create the usable version, inheriting all stats from the supplied Wand. Increases spell damage by 5% and Heal spell potency by 10%.
Wand of the Tides (u) Combine with any Wand to create the usable version, inheriting all stats from the supplied Wand. Increases spell damage by 5% and reduces Mana Costs by 10%.
Grimoire of Sparks (u) Combine with any Wand to create the usable version, inheriting all stats from the supplied Wand. Increases spell damage by 5% and reduces Spell Cooldowns by 8%.
Crystal Scepter Has a built-in spell that costs Charge to use, dealing high base damage. Cannot be used to cast any other spells. Needs to be recharged with Perfect Gems.

Notes about Magic:

  • Magic spells count as projectile damage, and roll against Projectile Protection
  • The base damage on spells looks abysmally low, but there are just so many bonuses available to Magic that you can easily end up with a 5x+ multiplier to damage
  • The overall DPS is meant to be lower than optimal bow damage, since you gain other benenficial effects and are not slowed down by needing to draw a bow/load a crossbow
  • Expect a lot of balance changes in the coming days and weeks!

Added new Pet Abilities:

  1. Psybeam: piercing beam that deals damage
  2. Ice Beam: piercing beam that slows targets
  3. Leech Seed: leeching projectile that heals self and owner
  4. Toxic: poisons nearby targets
  5. Poison Sting: poisons targets when attacking
  6. Solar Beam: piercing beam that deals more damage the brighter it is
  7. Shadow Ball: dark projectile that inflicts weakness on targets
  8. Swords Dance: significantly increases own attack damage
  9. Water Gun: splashing projectile that does AoE damage
  10. Surf: grants owner Water Breathing and boosts owner's fishing speed and fishing luck
  11. Dig: boosts owner's ore yield and Crystal Geode chance
  12. Rock Smash: grants owner Haste
  13. Wood Hammer: boosts owner's log yield and Bird's Nest chance
  14. Nature's Bounty: boosts owner's crop yield
  15. Self Destruct: reduces own health to 1 to deal damage to nearby targets depending on amount of health sacrificed
  16. Pay Day: boosts owner's loot chest luck

Pet Abilities can now be taught to pets using the Taming skill

Teaching skills requires a certain Taming Level, one or more Training Treats, and some other supplies. Training Treats can be found in any loot chest, at roughly the same rate as Rainbow Beans, or can be crafted from a Rainbow Bean and various other materials (recipe in /items).

  • Pets now have 2 additional Ability slots exclusive to this purpose, making 4 Ability slots total
  • TMs are not obsolete:
    • Only 2/4 slots can be filled with taught abilities - the other 2 slots require TMs
    • Pets can have a maximum of 2 of the same Ability, and the two taught Abilities cannot be the same. This means that to have a Tier II Ability (two of the same Ability), you must use at least one TM.
  • Teaching pets abilities requires a certain Taming level depending on the ability, and costs some items
  • To teach a pet that you own an ability:
    • Right click on the pet with a Training Treat
    • Training treats can be obtained uncommonly from the Thank-You Letters received from the Pet Buyer, or found in any loot chest at the same rate as Rainbow Beans
    • This opens the training menu, which lets you select which ability to teach
  • To teach someone else's pet an ability:
    1. The owner of the pet must procure a Training Wavier from the Quest Point Shop and right click on the desired pet with the wavier
    2. The wavier must then be given to the player who will be training the pet
    3. The player can right click on the pet specified on the wavier to open the training menu, consuming the wavier when training is complete

Added Lava Fishing and End Fishing

You can now catch the following fish in Nether lava pools:

Icon Item
Firey Minnow
Lava Bream
Flame Bass
Lava Eel
With Lv.45 Fishing
Obsidian Clam
Basalt Crab
Rock Lobster

You can now catch the following fish in the End:

Icon Item
Ender Minnow
Ender Fish
Ender Shark
With Lv.75 Fishing

End fish give extra Enchanting EXP when cooked, but only cook into Dust.

Added Legendary Fish

These fish are rare and have very specific conditions needed to catch them, such as location, weather, and time, which are hinted to in the /fish menu and spoiled on the page about Legendary Fish.

Icon Fish
Red Herring
Azure Marlin
Crystal Sturgeon
Ninja Tuna
Moonlight Clam
Rainbow Spinner
Ghost Minnow
Electric Eel
  • Catching 3 different ones will grant the title [Grand Angler] … (and a hidden title, [Grand M.I.L.F] … with 100 Fishing)
  • Catching all 12 will grant the title … [the Fishing Legend] (and a hidden title, [Legendary M.I.L.F] … with 100 Fishing) and award a soulbound Fishing Rod Ornament Kit (Sunforged Reel)

New Crops:

  • Cassava
  • Avocado
  • Pineapple

New Foods:

  • Missing fruit variants of certain fruit items
  • Macarons
  • Boba Teas
  • Chai Tea (+5% pickpocketing chance)
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Pineapple Muffin (+5% pickpocketing stun evasion chance)
  • Rum
  • Pina Colada (+10% pickpocketing stun evasion chance)
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Queso
  • Chips n' Guac
  • Chips n' Salsa
  • Chips n' Queso
  • Taco Grande
  • El Burro
  • Avocado Toast
  • Bougie Avocado Toast (+10% pickpocketing chance)
  • Ender Omelette

  • Potion of Ranging: increases arrow damage by 3 per level. Also comes in Super and Extreme variants
  • Potion of Magic: increases spell damage by 2 per level. Also comes in Super and Extreme variants
  • Potion of Woodcutting: increases log yield. Also comes in Super and Extreme variants
  • Potion of Ignition: increases firemaking chance. Also comes in Super and Extreme variants
  • Super Thieving Potion: a longer Thieving II Potion
  • Potion of Saturation: gives 4 ticks of Saturation, or 6 if extended
  • Potion of Insight and Potion of Engineering: will be useful in Shadow Realm, but are currently unbrewable
  • My Strongest Potion: requires 100 Alchemy to make. Few are strong enough to handle the strongest potion
  • Combat Potions and Overloads now also need their corresponding Ranging and Magic potions to craft

  • Sanguine Greatsword, Greataxe, Longsword, Dagger, and Scythe: red versions of the Azure set
  • Umbral Greatsword, Greataxe, Longsword, Dagger, and Scythe: black versions of the Azure set
  • Radiant Greatsword, Greataxe, Longsword, Dagger, and Scythe: yellow versions of the Azure set
  • Glacial Greatsword, Greataxe, Longsword, Dagger, and Scythe: ice-blue versions of the Azure set
  • Dragon Warhammer
  • Spiked Warhammer
  • Hammer
  • Wooden Mallet
  • Azure-based kits can now be applied on all weapon tiers instead of just Diamond and Netherite
  • Scythes can now be used to reskin Hoes
  • The Staff ornament kits that could be applied to Bows can now apply to Wands as well
  • The Handgun ornament kit can now apply to Wands as well
    • If this doesn't seem to work, that's because your kit is old and hasn't updated. Apply the kit to what it says it can go on in the item description, then remove it to get it to update.

I will not list them all here, but you can view them all at the Hats page.

Most can be gotten through Crate of Hats, but some are special and have unique requirements! Some highlights include:

  • Sunglasses
  • Earpods
  • Drying Pan
  • Miku Hair
  • Propeller Hat
  • Amogus

For the next ONE WEEK only: The drop rate for Crates of Hats from loot chests will be DOUBLED, and the price of Crate of Hats from the Traveling Merchant will be HALVED! Go get 'em hats!

This is an instance of the Ender Dragon fight designed for one player. This means the dragon has less health, certain phases are shorter, and all mechanics are redesigned to be solvable with just one player. Completing it gives a greatly reduced loot pool, but does grant End access. Two players can enter the instance, but it will buff the dragon slightly and give a slightly further reduced loot pool.

Ender Dragon (Solo):

  • Does grant access to the End on completion
  • Does NOT drop a Dragon Egg
  • Does NOT drop the Ender Dragon Hat
  • Has a reduced chance to drop the Dragon Scale Talisman (slightly higher than the rare item drop rate on a keystone boss)


  • Fixed pets occasionally not being able to use their TM abilities
  • Fixed an issue with Mob Arena where disconnecting made certain abilities incorrectly target yourself
  • Fixed infinite crossbow reloading in Mob Arena