Patch Notes 1.4.0

  • Note that the Wiki has not been fully updated for this expansion yet, but will be shortly!
  • Resource Pack has updated. If you manually downloaded the pack before, you will need to re-download it (steps in #resources)

Alternate Nether and Alternate End

These dimensions contain custom worldgen and lots of loot… if you're prepared! Mobs here are extra-tough, sporting lots of health, high damage, and special abilities. This is content meant to be conquered after you've maxed out your overworld gear and gotten a few gems on them. Things also function a little differently in these worlds, which are meant to be exploration-based:

  • Teleport Tablets do not work
  • Lodestones do not work
  • Loot Chests are only lootable for 10 minutes after they are first looted
  • Loot Chests start out with a bonus in quality, which gradually decays. This decay starts 45 minutes after the chest's chunk is first loaded, and bottoms out 3 hours after the chest's chunk was first loaded
  • The only way in is a random teleport using a consumable item, or a hard-to-make non-consumable item

Alternate Wilderness Nether

  • Worldgen using Incendium datapack
  • To enter, you must use an Infernal Pearl, which is found uncommonly in Nether Bastion loot chests. This consumes the item, dealing an immense amount of damage to you (and nearby party members) that you will need full Protection IV diamond armor to survive. Upon surviving the damage, you and any surviving party members will be transported to the Alternate Wilderness Nether together.
  • Infernal Pearls can be ground down to Infernal Dust by crafting with a Grindstone. Soulbound Infernal Dust can also be found in loot chests inside the Alt Wild Nether. 256 Infernal Dust can be combined with a Glass Orb to create a soulbound Infernal Orb, which acts as a permanent Infernal Pearl.
  • Pigmen/endermen are always aggressive
  • Huge, sprawling loot structures with tons of chests
  • Relatively high drop rate of Perfect Gems due to chest density
  • Home to the Sanctum, an extremely dangerous pillager outpost which can contain elusive Spirit Shield!

Alternate End

  • Worldgen using Fokastudio's Ender Expansion datapack
  • To enter, you must use an Eldritch Pearl, which is found uncommonly in End City loot chests or commonly as loot from the Ender Dragon. This consumes the item, dealing an immense amount of damage to you (and eligible nearby party members) that you will need full Protection IV diamond armor to survive. Upon surviving the damage, you and any surviving party members will be transported to the Alternate End together.
  • The pearl's user and all players attempting entry need to have unlocked The End to travel to the Alternate End.
  • Eldritch Pearls can be ground down to Eldritch Dust by crafting with a Grindstone. Soulbound Eldritch Dust can also be found in loot chests inside the Alt End. 256 Eldritch Dust can be combined with a Glass Orb to create a soulbound Eldritch Orb, which acts as a permanent Eldritch Pearl.
  • Endermen are always aggressive
  • Shulker bullets hurt a lot more
  • Sprawling end cities with a lot more terrain variety
  • End cities here may very rarely contain a Holy Elixir, which is used to upgrade the Spirit Shield

Fangs and Claws

  • Added two items that you can equip to pets: Fangs and Claws
  • Come in 4 varieties: Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite
  • Fangs are “held” in the weapon slot and increase attack damage. They can be enchanted with normal sword enchants, too.
  • Claws are “held” in the off-hand slot and increase attack damage slightly. They cannot be enchanted.

Spirit Shields

These are special shields with armor bonuses and other effects.

  • Spirit Shield (regular): The base spirit shield. These are found rarely in the Alternate Nether's Illager Sanctum structure. Gives +3 armor when held in the off-hand, and passively reduces damage taken by 3%.
  • Blessed Spirit Shield: Obtained by irreversibly combining a Spirit Shield and Holy Elixir at an Anvil, requiring Level 85 Magic and 35 Enchanting EXP Levels. Gives +4 armor and +2 armor toughness when held in the off-hand, passively reduces damage taken by 5%.

The following are the upgraded Spirit Shields, which each have a powerful unique effect. They are obtained by irreversibly upgrading the Blessed Spirit Shield using the corresponding Spirit Sigil at an anvil, requiring Level 90 Magic, Level 85 Smithing, and 50 Enchanting EXP Levels. Each shield retains the armor values and passive resistance of the Blessed Spirit Shield unless otherwise stated.
Sigils are currently a rare from from Ender Dragon (Hard), but other sources may be added later on.

  • Arcane Spirit Shield: Increases Magic damage by 25% and Mana Regen by 20%.
  • Spectral Spirit Shield: +8 armor, +4 armor toughness, +4 knockback resistance. Increases the proc rate of Perfect Gems by 15%.
  • Elysian Spirit Shield: 70% chance to reduce damage taken by 15%.
  • Divine Spirit Shield: Reduces damage taken by 20%, deducting the pre-armor reduced amount from your Mana instead. If you have insufficient mana to pay the cost, the damage reduction does not happen.

Ender Dragon

  • Upon clearing Normal Mode, up to 4 players are rewarded with a soulbound Silver Wing. This item, when held, allows the limited use of Elytras in the Wilderness worlds, consuming Charge for flight time. Has no effect and does not drain charge in worlds where Elytras have no restrictions.
    • Silver Wings must be recharged in an anvil using Silverhawk Down - which are obtained as loot from the Ender Dragon, or found uncommonly in loot chests in the Alternate Wilderness Nether and Alternate End. A Silver Wing may also be deconstructed by putting them in a crafting table, giving the equivalent number of Silverhawk Down in exchange (rounded down).
    • You will NOT be able to offset heavy elytra usage with the amount of Down found in loot chests
  • Upon clearing Hard Mode, one of two things now happens:
    • With 5 or more players: up to 8 players receive a soulbound Silver Wing
    • With 4 or fewer players: all players receive a soulbound Golden Wing, which is exactly like the Silver Wing, except it has infinite charges
  • Restrictions: Elytra velocity while using the Wings are capped at a slower maximum value. Additionally, a rocket may only be used once every 15/20/25s (depending on rocket power).

Legendary Items

  • Added Rare tier of items: found mostly in Alternate Nether and Alternate End, and most have relatively minor effects when compared to Legendaries.
  • Dragon Scale Talisman loot bonus (3-9)% → (3-12)%
  • Dragon Orb loot bonus (9-19)% → (17-39)%

Other Changes

  • Horses can now get KO'ed like other pets can
  • Added Magic Catalysts to the Practice Mode supply cache for boss fights
  • Added Phase-kill Dart to the Practice Mode supply cache for boss fights. These darts skip one phase of a boss fight to make practicing later phases easier.
  • Keystone Bosses started in Practice Mode now refund the Keystone when the Gold Block (starting the fight) is broken.
  • Perfect Gems can now be added to Fishing Rods
  • Effect text on various gems adjusted to account for fishing rod effects
  • Perfect Ruby tool effect changed. Now grants 2(+2)% bonus Skill EXP when gathering appropriate blocks.
  • Perfect Ruby weapon effect: loot chest drop rate increased 0.6(+0.3)% → 0.7(+0.5)%
  • Perfect Emerald tool effect: loot chest drop rate increased 0.2(+0.1)% → 0.3(+0.2)%
  • Perfect Topaz weapon effect: combo attack consecutive hit timer shortened from 9s → 3s, damage increased significantly. Without considering the ramp-up time, Topaz is now roughly 40% more effective than Quartz. Math-wise, it takes ~5 hits after hitting max stacks (aka ~15 hits total) to break even with Quartz's expected value.
    • Loose gems should update automatically, but gems attached to items will still visually show the old effects. This is only visual - it'll have the new effect.
  • The following items are now invincible when dropped (can still despawn):
    • Looting Bags and Shulker Boxes
    • Perfect Gems
    • Diamond items
    • Netherite items
    • Nether stars and beacons
    • Spirit Sigils and Spirit Shields
    • Legendary items
  • The Mining Fatigue potion effect no longer affects Magic spell cooldowns

Mob Arena

  • Tokens earned is now communal :hammerandsickle:. This means all players will now earn the same number of Tokens (barring Miserly)
  • Cooldown Duration buffs no longer snapshot on ability usage
    • This allows them to be useful even after you've just used a long-cooldown ability
    • However, this is also a direct nerf for long-cooldown abilities that took advantage of this snapshotting
  • Coin Magnet money bonus 50% → 20%
    • The greatest value of coin magnet is being able to pick up the coins that you normally miss. Combined with the ridiculously high multiplier, this caused a massive disparity (much more than 50%) in the money earned with and without coin magnet.
  • Vigor cooldown reduction 10% → 8%


  • Rage gain from wolf damage increased by 200%
  • Saving Grace wolf duration 12(x1.1)s → 10(x1.1)s


  • Entangle radius 4 → 5, slow effect “immobilize” → 60(+3)%
  • Needle Strike weakness potency 8(x1.1)% → 0%, vulnerability potency 10(x1.1)% → 12(x1.1)%
  • Explosive Arrow damage [100 + 100(x1.1)]% → [100 + 80(x1.1)]%
  • Heavy Arrows damage 25(x1.1)% → 15(x1.1)%
  • Homing Arrows damage 2(+2)% → 0%, homing radius 4(+1) blocks → 3(+0.5) blocks
  • Barrage damage 67(x1.1)% → 60(x1.1)%, cooldown 35s → 40s
  • Descent of Dragons projectile count 3 → 2


  • Embolden duration 30s → 12s, heal bonus 8(x1.1)% → 4(x1.1)%
  • Shield Samba heal amount 0.3(x1.1) → 0, shield amount 0.9(x1.1) → 1.2(x1.1)
  • Vibrato damage 30(x1.1)%/s → 40(x1.1)%/s
  • Performance ability cooldowns 50s → 70s
  • Ballad of War heal increase 12(x1.1)% → 5(x1.1)%
  • Sostenuto duration 20s → 15s, cooldown 35s → 30s
  • Gold Shanty effect on bosses “reduced” → “no effect”
  • Accelerando cooldown 60s → 70s, speed 30(x1.1)% → 25(x1.1)%, is now a continuous effect from the user instead of a snapshotted ability
  • Monody slow potency 30% → 70%, now applies 100% vulnerability while active


  • Heal Group heal amount 30(x1.1)% → 35(x1.1)%
  • Healing Orb cooldown 8s → 9s, chance of granting a Blood Capsule 25% → 28%
  • Energy Beacon radius 9(+0.5) → 10.5(+0.25) blocks
  • Shield Dome no longer blocks Rage gain while active
  • Blood Capsules no longer grants Rage (original behavior was unintentional)
  • Frost Pulse no longer grants Rage for damage dealt (original behavior was unintentional)
  • Life Bond chance of granting a Blood Capsule 10% → 15%
  • Healing ability displays were changed from weapon damage percent to raw amount
    • This amount still scales normally with the Power enchantment and Weaponsmaster
  • Guardian Angel duration 7.0(x1.1)s → 6.5(x1.1)s, radius 8(+0.5) → 9.5
  • Genesis now tolerates up to 3.5 blocks of movement before canceling (a circle is drawn on the ground)
  • Angel of Death vulnerability 15(x1.1)% → 12(x1.1)%, healing boost 10(x1.1)% → 5(x1.1)%
  • Sunshine resistance 6(x1.1)% → 10(x1.1)%, regen 0.4(x1.1)/s → 0.3(x1.1)/s

  • Weapon damage increased 4 → 5
    • This should help with Rage gain, and give Healers something to do on lower difficulties when players don't need healing
  • The following abilities were adjusted for this damage increase:
    • Taint DPS 15(x1.1)%/s → 12(x1.1)%/s
    • Frost Pulse damage 70(x1.1)% → 50(x1.1)%
    • Frost Bolt damage 50(x1.1)% → 40(x1.1)%
  • Shield Dome resistance 14(x1.1)% → 15(x1.1)%
  • Frost Aura slowness 10(x1.1)% → 15(x1.1)%, resistance 9(x1.1)% → 6(x1.1)%