Alchemy is a Skill that can be trained by brewing potions. The experience for brewing is awarded to the last person to have interacted with a brewing stand. Hoppers interacting with a brewing stand will void its owner, and award no experience. Hoppers also cannot be used to brew any potion with a level requirement.

  • Passive Effect: Beneficial effects on yourself last +0.25% longer per level, up to +25% at level 100.

To view this info ingame, use the /skills command and navigate to the Alchemy menu.

Icon Item Recipe
Nautilus Dust

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Dust of the Sea

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Diamethyst Dust

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Netherite Dust

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Redglow Catalyst

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Infused Catalyst (Prismarine Crystals)

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Infused Catalyst (Tomato)

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Infused Catalyst (Roe)

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Infused Catalyst (Warped Stem)

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Infused Catalyst (Campfire)

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Infused Catalyst (Warped Fungus)

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Infused Catalyst (Fire Charge)

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Infused Catalyst (Glistening Melon)

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Infused Catalyst (Rabbit's Foot)

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Infused Catalyst (Honeycomb)

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Infused Catalyst (Nether Quartz)

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Infused Catalyst (Ghast Tear)

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Infused Catalyst (Sugar)

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Infused Catalyst (Blaze Powder)

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Infused Catalyst (Weeping Vines)

Infused Catalyst (Sea Pickle)

Powerful Catalyst

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Certain potions require a certain Alchemy Level to be able to brew. Potions with level requirements cannot be brewed using hoppers.

Icon Potion Lvl Alchemy EXP Base Potion Ingredient Description
Tea 1 45 Cup of Hot Water Oak Leaves
Coffee 1 0 Cup of Hot Water Cocoa Beans Acts as a night's sleep, stopping
you from spawning Phantoms

Oxidizer 1 22 Bleach Crimson Fungus +1 Oxidation (5x5x3 area)

Cooking Oil 1 22 Water Bottle Carrot
Vinegar 1 22 Water Bottle Rice
Beer 1 22 Thick Potion Wheat
Potion of Ranging 4 60 Awkward Potion Weeping Vines Ranging (3:00)
+3 Arrow Damage

Potion of Magic 5 60 Awkward Potion Sea Pickle Magic (3:00)
+2 Spell Damage

Potion of Glowing 7 60 Awkward Potion Glow Berries Glowing (1:30)

Antidote 10 60 Awkward Potion Lilac Cures Poison and Wither

Potion of Woodcutting 13 60 Awkward Potion Warped Stem Woodcutting (3:00)
+10% Log Yield

Potion of Fishing 15 75 Awkward Potion Roe Fishing (3:00)
+10% Fishing speed

Potion of Farming 17 67 Awkward Potion Tomato Farming (3:00)
+10% Crop Yield

Potion of Ignition 18 75 Awkward Potion Campfire Ignition (3:00)
+10% Firemaking Chance

Potion of Mining 19 75 Awkward Potion Nether Quartz Mining (3:00)
+10% Ore Yield

Potion of Dredging 21 82 Awkward Potion Prismarine Crystals Ocean's Bounty (3:00)
+10% Fishing Luck

Potion of Durability 23 97 Awkward Potion Mineral Sandstone Durability (3:00)
Items take -100% durability damage

Potion of Rescue 25 105 Potion of Regeneration Honey Bottle Quick Revive (3:00)
+40% Phoenix Down use speed

Potion of Levitation 29 112 Awkward Potion Shulker Shell Levitation (0:20)

Potion of Combat 33 150
Glow Ink Sac
Potion of Swiftness
Potion of Strength
Potion of Ranging
Potion of Magic
Potion of Regeneration
Potion of Fire Resistance
Strength (3:00)
Ranging (3:00)
Magic (3:00)
Speed (3:00)
Regeneration (0:45)
Fire Resistance (3:00)

Potion of Haste 38 120 Awkward Potion Fire Charge Haste (3:00)

Potion of Deftness 41 127 Potion of Invisibility Warped Fungus Deftness (3:00)
+10% Pickpocketing Chance

Potion of Adrenaline 45 135 Awkward Potion Honeycomb Adrenaline (0:15)
+2 Mana per second

Super Leaping Potion 47 135 Potion of Leaping Infused Catalyst (Rabbit's Foot) Jump Boost II (8:00)

Potion of Absorption 51 142 Awkward Potion Golden Apple Absorption (1:00)

Super Swiftness Potion 52 150 Potion of Swiftness Infused Catalyst (Sugar) Swiftness II (8:00)

Super Strength Potion 55 165 Potion of Strength Infused Catalyst (Blaze Powder) Strength II (8:00)

Antidote+ 57 172 Antidote Nautilus Dust Poison Immunity (5:00)
Wither Immunity (5:00)
Cures Poison and Wither

Super Woodcutting Potion 58 150 Potion of Woodcutting Infused Catalyst (Warped Stem) Woodcutting II (8:00)
+20% Log Yield

Super Healing Potion 59 180 Potion of Healing Infused Catalyst (Glistening Melon) Instant Health III (0:00)

Super Regeneration Potion 60 195 Potion of Regeneration Infused Catalyst (Ghast Tear) Regeneration II (0:45)

Potion of Insight 61 210 Potion of Night Vision Eye of Guardian Insight (3:00)
Can see synthesis statistics

Super Ranging Potion 61 210 Potion of Ranging Infused Catalyst (Weeping Vines) Ranging II (8:00)
+6 Arrow Damage

Super Magic Potion 61 210 Potion of Magic Infused Catalyst (Sea Pickle) Magic II (8:00)
+4 Spell Damage

Super Fishing Potion 62 217 Potion of Fishing Infused Catalyst (Roe) Fishing II (8:00)
+20% Fishing Speed

Super Combat Potion 63 225
Redstone Dust
Glowstone Dust
Amethyst Shard
Super Swiftness Potion
Super Strength Potion
Super Ranging Potion
Super Magic Potion
Super Regeneration Potion
Potion of Fire Resistance
Strength II (8:00)
Ranging II (8:00)
Magic II (8:00)
Speed II (8:00)
Regeneration II (1:30)
Fire Resistance (8:00)

Super Farming Potion 64 232 Potion of Farming Infused Catalyst (Tomato) Farming II (8:00)
+20% Crop Yield

Super Ignition Potion 64 240 Potion of Ignition Infused Catalyst (Campfire) Ignition II (8:00)
+20% Firemaking Chance

Super Mining Potion 65 240 Potion of Mining Infused Catalyst (Nether Quartz) Mining II (8:00)
+20% Ore Yield

Potion of Engineering 65 240 Potion of Swiftness Amethyst Cluster Ingenuity (3:00)
+3% Synthesis Strength

Super Dredging Potion 67 255 Potion of Dredging Infused Catalyst (Prismarine Crystals) Ocean's Bounty II (8:00)
+20% Fishing Luck

Potion of Fletching 69 262 Potion of Leaping Glow Lichen Fletching (3:00)
+25% Arrows Crafted

Potion of Saturation 97 270 Awkward Potion The Stuff Saturation (4 ticks)

Potion of Aqueous Grace 72 270 Potion of Water Breathing Heart Of The Sea Dolphin's Grace (0:45)
Water Breathing (0:45)

Super Adrenaline Potion 74 270 Potion of Adrenaline Infused Catalyst (Honeycomb) Adrenaline II (0:15)
+4 Mana per second

Potion of Resistance 78 375 Potion of Regeneration God Apple Resistance (1:30)

Antidote++ 81 300 Antidote+ Diamethyst Dust Poison Immunity (12:00)
Wither Immunity (12:00)
Cures Poison and Wither

Super Haste Potion 83 300 Potion of Haste Infused Catalyst (Fire Charge) Haste II (8:00)

Super Deftness Potion 84 315 Potion of Deftness Infused Catalyst (Warped Fungus) Deftness II (8:00)
+20% Pickpocketing Chance

Potion of Luck 85 375 Potion of Healing Nepthalite Dust Luck (3:00)
+10% Loot Chest Luck

Potion of Heroism 87 382 Potion of Invisibility Block Of Emerald Hero Of The Village (3:00)

Extreme Leaping Potion 88 315 Super Leaping Potion Rabbit Stew Jump Boost III (8:00)

Extreme Swiftness Potion 89 330 Super Swiftness Potion Honey Block Swiftness III (8:00)

Extreme Strength Potion 90 345 Super Strength Potion Lava Bucket Strength III (8:00)

Extreme Healing Potion 91 405 Super Healing Potion Greater Phoenix Down Instant Health IV (0:00)

Extreme Regeneration Potion 92 435 Super Regeneration Potion Bucket Of Axolotl Regeneration III (0:45)

Extreme Ranging Potion 92 435 Super Ranging Potion Frogspawn Ranging III (8:00)
+9 Arrow Damage

Extreme Magic Potion 92 435 Super Magic Potion Spore Blossom Magic III (8:00)
+6 Spell Damage

Extreme Fishing Potion 93 450 Super Fishing Potion Dust of the Sea Fishing III (8:00)
+30% Fishing Speed

Extreme Farming Potion 93 450 Super Farming Potion Golden Potato Farming III (8:00)
+30% Crop Yield

Extreme Ignition Potion 93 450 Super Ignition Potion Echo Cluster Ignition III (8:00)
+30% Firemaking Chance

Extreme Mining Potion 93 450 Super Mining Potion Netherite Dust Mining III (8:00)
+30% Ore Yield

Extreme Dredging Potion 95 510 Super Dredging Potion Caviar Ocean's Bounty III (8:00)
+30% Fishing Luck

Super Luck Potion 95 600 Potion of Luck Monkfish Oil Luck II (8:00)
+20% Loot Chest Luck

Overload 96 525
Diamethyst Dust
Netherite Dust
Extreme Swiftness Potion
Extreme Regeneration Potion
Extreme Strength Potion
Extreme Ranging Potion
Extreme Magic Potion
Potion of Resistance
Potion of Fire Resistance
Blindness III (0:04)
Nausea III (0:08)
Instant Damage III
Strength III (12:00)
Ranging III (12:00)
Magic III (12:00)
Speed III (12:00)
Regeneration II (12:00)
Resistance (4:00)
Fire Resistance (12:00)

Extreme Adrenaline Potion 97 555 Super Adrenaline Potion The Stuff Adrenaline III (0:15)
+6 Mana per second

Extreme Luck Potion 100 750 Super Luck Potion Flamegold Powder Luck III (8:00)
+30% Loot Chest Luck

My Strongest Potion 100 34 Thick Potion Powerful Catalyst Test of Strength (0:01)
tests your worthiness