Codex of Shadows

A Codex of Shadows is a rare, endgame special Enchanted Book that contains a single low-leveled Augment. This can be applied to any available weapon or tool at an Anvil, at the cost of a significant number of levels. Up to 3 Codexes may be added to a single item; however, unlike with Enchanted Books, adding two Codexes of the same level will not upgrade the level.

Codex Number Level Cost
1st 35
2nd 60
3rd 85
4th+ 9999 (impossible)

Codex of Shadows can be obtained in the following ways:

Boss Tier Codex Chance
0 x 💀 0%
1 x 💀 15%
2 x 💀 30%
3 x 💀 50%
4 x 💀 0%
5 x 💀 0%
  • Commonly from the Ender Dragon
    • Rolls twice: 40% chance for the first one, and 10% chance for the second one
    • This means there's a 4% chance to get two, but each player can only receive 1 per kill

Whenever you get a Codex of Shadows, you will roll into one of 4 different Augment tables before choosing a random Augment from that table. The 4 tables have different rarities:

• Common (69.3%)

• Uncommon (29.7%)

• Rare (9.9%)

• Very Rare (0.9%)